May is Blooming at Sanagan’s!

Do you smell that? That aroma of charcoal heating up in BBQs across the city, meat sizzling on grills, beer that’s been knocked over on patios. I love this time of year. Colourful flowers are in full bloom, cottages are being opened, and it seems everyone is on a bicycle. With all this excitement, we wanted to let you know about what’s going down at Sanagan’s.

May 4
Nerds rejoice, it’s Star Wars Day. We’re celebrating with a special sandwich and a whole lot of puns. Check them out here. (Link to Ham Solo Sandwich recipe)

May 14
It’s Mother’s Day everyone! As per the tradition, treat the mom in your life to a nice brunch or dinner. If it’s dinner, may I recommend a nice restaurant somewhere that allows children to run around screaming? If it’s an earlier meal, and it’s your baby momma we’re talking about, why not treat them to breakfast in bed? We have a great Strata recipe here for you! (Link to Mother’s Day Breakfast in Bed recipe)

With all of the fun things going on, we know you don’t always have time to cook! We wanted to remind everyone that our chefs have you covered with the most mouth-watering prepared foods. This month, let’s take a closer look at one of our best-sellers, the Roast Chicken! (Link to Kitchen Corner Roast Chicken Article here)

May 20-22
It’s finally here, the big cottage weekend! Whether or not you have a cottage to go to, make this a long weekend to remember by firing up a BBQ and grilling some epic meat. We have your outdoor cooking needs covered here at Sanagan’s, from charcoal to jerk chicken. Here’s a list of some of our grillable, thrillable, Netflix and chillable, ‘cue items! (Link to Fire up the BBQ with Sanagan’s)

May 28
It’s the first Pedestrian Sunday of the year. Come on down to Kensington Market to share the streets with your neighbours, enjoy some awesome music, and eat all the food you can fit in your hands (and gut). When thinking about summertime handheld food, I tend to dream about burgers. Graham, our in-house ideas-man, has written a beautiful poem celebrating our obsession with the simple hamburger. Check out his lyrical sentiment here. (Link to burger poem)

See you guys and gals out soon in yer tees and short shorts! (I’m looking at you, Graham!)


Long Weekends and Burgers. Let us Reminise.

Nothing says May 2-4 like a hamburger. A burger in one hand, a beer in the other, smoke in your eyes and black flies in your hair — that’s Victoria Day. But the hamburger’s not just for long weekends. It’s a year-round obsession, a lifelong obsession actually, as revealed in the following Sanagan’s Original Poem.


The Burger That I First Remember
Graham Duncan


The burger that I first remember,
The sandwich that I first knew,
Was served not on dining room tables,
But in the car at A&W.

There was the Papa Burger and the Mama Burger.
Was she loving, was he loyal?
But I, at age nine, loved Teen Burger.
With his jacket made out of foil.

Of all that hamburger family,
Teen Burger reeked of rebellion.
Post lunch-time we’d cruise the playground,
My breath reeking of onion.

But now I am much older,
Teen Burger’s no longer the rage.
And the burger that I now remember,
Is Sanagan’s burger, dry-aged.