Beverly Creek – The Quintessential Sanagan’s Partner

“This might be the best day of my life!” exclaimed Claire, our front of house manager as she cuddled one of the three baby lambs currently calling Beverly Creek Farms home. Hyperbole aside, baby lambs are pretty adorable.

Though the three babies were a nice bonus, the six of us that made the relatively short trek out to Millgrove were really here to see the bigger lambs, and the bigger picture.

Jon and Sharon Hardwick of Beverly Creek Farms are precisely the sort of people we love to work with. They are passionate about raising the best quality product they can, while taking every measure to ensure the well being of the animals on their farm.

They raise primarily lambs, with some cattle, chickens and even a couple of llamas to keep the coyotes at bay (I don’t remember seeing llamas in any Warner Bros. cartoon from my youth, but perhaps the Roadrunner could have saved himself a whole lot of trouble had he befriended one).  They pride themselves on their raising practices (shelter is provided to lambs with lots of outdoor access, rotational grazing as the seasons allow, 100%vegetarian feed) and the quality of the finished product, which tends to have a great marbling of fat throughout the meat, more commonly seen in beef than in lamb.

Our reason for doing what we do is to connect passionate, responsible farmers like Jon and Sharon with the greater population in Toronto, while having a little bit of fun along the way. Jon and Sharon put into practice on a daily basis the values that mean the most to us.  Supporting local family farms, providing high quality and attentive service, be transparent and respectful, and have fun while doing it.