Fire Up the BBQ with Sanagan’s

So, you’ve opened up your BBQ, scraped all the gunk off the grill that you forgot to clean off last year, and fired it up. Now to think about what you want on there. Let us help you out with one of these meaty treats, now considered Sanagan’s classics!After you’ve grilled the meat, all you really need for a complete meal is a side salad, can we interest you in our house-made Lentil, Almond, and Pear? Available all summer in our Grab and Go fridge!

Jerk Chicken Legs – Fresh chicken legs smothered in our house made Jerk Sauce, ready to spice up your ‘cue and your mouth.

Spatchcocked BBQ Chicken – We’ve removed the backbone and butterflied these birds for easy grilling, and then rubbed them all over with our house blend of secret herbs and spices.

Spiced Lamb Kebabs – We developed a spice mix inspired by the lands on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean, and use it liberally on chunks of tender Ontario lamb. Once you try these, no other kebabs will do!

Burgers – We make a few types of hamburgers here at Sanagan’s, but the best and most popular by far is the Dry Aged Beef Burger. We age Ontario Beef in house for a minimum of 35 days to maximize the depth of flavour from Dry Aged Beef, then grind it with well marbled chuck meat and season it simply with salt and pepper. It is simply the best.

Pork Souvlaki – We worked with this recipe throughout the years and believe we have come up with the ultimate souvlaki marinade. Slightly sweet, slight spicy, and altogether deliciously savoury. Treat yourself and your friends.

Italian Sausage – We make about 15 types of sausage regularly here at Sanagan’s, but our most famous by far is our Mild Italian. Made with only the best pork, fennel seed, garlic, salt, and pepper. There’s a secret as to how we make five ingredients work so well together, but I’m not giving it up that easily!


The Weekender Bag

Thinking about the cottage, or just a weekend at your new girlfriend’s apartment? Thrill your hosts (or yourself) with our special Weekender Bag deal, only $50 and available every Friday and Saturday throughout the summer. Stuffed with $60 worth of fresh burgers, marinated chicken, hotdogs, bacon, and farm fresh eggs, our insulated Weekender Bag will ensure you’ve covered your breakfast, lunch, and dinner bases.