Sanagan’s Road Trip Farms Muscovy Ducks — Local, Happy, Healthy and Tasty. Quack!

Is duck the other red meat? Yes says Pete Drost who supplies us with our Road Trip Farms Muscovy ducks. “Muscovy duck is often described as tasting like steak with the tenderness of veal,” confirms Pete, whose family has been in the poultry business for over 50 years.

Peter Sanagan selected Road Trip Farms to be our sole supplier. “I find the Muscovy breed of duck to be a more meaty bird so it lends itself to preparations like pan-roasted breast, confit, and braises, especially the legs. The legs, because they’re a dark meat, work well with sweet elements like prune or port”.  If you want to try for yourself, the easiest way is to pick up some of our house-made duck confit.

Road Trip Muscovy ducks are an exceptional product from the exceptional setting of Beamsville in the Niagara Peninsula. According to Peter, “you can be out in wine country, driving around — you take a few wrong turns and you find yourself facing an army of ducks.” 

Ducks and wine; talk about terroir — especially if you pair one of Niagara’s outstanding Pinot Noirs with that Road Trip bird.

Road Trip Farms ducks are strictly R.W.A. (Raised Without Antibiotics, added hormones or animal proteins — ever). The Drosts have long anticipated Sanagan’s expectations that all animals are raised in a cruelty-free environment and taste great.

For you nutritionists out there, you’ll be gratified to know that the Muscovy breed is relatively low in fat, especially when compared to the more common Peking breed and offers protein levels exceeding those of beef.