The Stanley Cup Playoffs, April 12

Sanagan’s believes it’s an egregious oversight that there is no specific drink for the Stanley Cup. Back when Lord Stanley bequeathed the silverware, “cups” were a popular style of punch. (The Pimm’s Cup being the last vestige.) We suppose the idea was, you’d win the trophy and then celebrate with a soirée featuring the Stanley Cup itself, brimming with booze.

The Sanagan’s mixology team applied an all-Canadian approach to some classic recipes and we believe our Stanley Cup Cup recipe is a playoff winner. Below are the full team-sized version and a single-serving option for Leafs fans who want to drown their annual sorrows in solitude.


Combine together in trophy-sized bowl:

4 oz                       lime juice
4 oz                       pineapple juice
4 oz                       orange juice
2 ½                        tbsp maple syrup
6 oz                       Canadian whisky
6 oz                       Triple Sec or Cointreau
2 bottles               dry Canadian red wine (we used Peninsula Ridge Shiraz 2015)

Stir in:

1 bottle                 dry Canadian sparkling wine (we used Jackson Triggs Méthod Cuve Close 2015)
Canada Dry Soda Water to taste.

Add a small block of ice to bowl.


Combine together

1/3 oz                  lime juice
1/3 oz                  pineapple juice
1/3 oz                  orange juice
¾ tbsp                 maple syrup
½ oz                     Canadian whisky
½ oz                     Triple Sec or Cointreau
4 oz                      dry Canadian red wine


2 oz                       dry Canadian sparkling wine
Canada Dry Soda Water to taste.

Serve on the rocks