What’s Going On in February

Hey Everyone,

February is shaping up to be a busy one at the shop. For such a cold month, there are going to be some hot days (and nights, if you’re lucky!). The following is a list of things going on which may require your fill of delicious, Ontario family farmed meat!

Thursday, February 2nd – GROUNDHOG DAY!

We might not have groundhogs, but our regular hogs are fantastic! Let’s hope we get a cloudy day and that little vermin sees no shadow. Tell you what, if it’s a cloudy day, and that groundhog sends winter packing, we’ll celebrate by having a hog sale of 10% off all pork rib chops. If it’s a sunny day and he sees his shadow, we’ll all drown our sorrows in pork rib chops for 10% off. You can’t lose!

Saturday and Sunday, February 4 and 5 – SUPERBOWL WEEKEND!

On the Saturday, we’re having our friends from Tunnel Bar-B-Q in Windsor up in our store giving out samples of their famous pulled pork in their signature BBQ Sauces. Make sure you come by to try the meat, and then stock up on their awesome finger-lickin’ sauce. All that weekend we will be making our Superbowl-inspired sausages as well – if you haven’t tried our Frank’s Red Hot with Blue Cheese Sausage you’re in for a treat. Make sure you get some, ‘cause once they’re gone, you gotta wait another year. And of course, we’ll have our very own pig skin flying with our house made chicharron, available Saturdays and Sundays only.

Tuesday, February 14 – VALENTINE’S DAY

Don’t be that person. Don’t take your girl (or guy) out for dinner to a nice restaurant. Everyone does that. I used to work in restaurants and Valentine’s Day is like an extended Winterlicious just for couples – people herded through the dining room, a glass of wine here, a chocolate mousse there, then hurry to get out so we can seat another couple. Buck that trend and do something really special for your partner. Get off work early and come down to Kensington. Grab a bottle of nice wine from the LCBO, then get flowers from Wilbe Bloomin. Get a couple of Chocolate Corks from Blackbird Bakery. Head to Hooked for some salty oysters. Down to see Linda at Kensington Fruit Market and get some arugula and lemon for a spicy salad. Grab Some Parmigiano cheese from Global Cheese to grate on that salad, and finally back to us for a couple of nice steaks. When your special someone comes home, pop the cork on that wine, shuck the oysters, dress the salad and pan-sear the steaks. By the time you’ve polished off those Chocolate Corks you will have forgotten why you wanted to go to a restaurant in the first place.

Monday, February 20 – FAMILY DAY

Like all other stat holidays, we’ll be closed for the holiday Monday. This means making sure you get down on the weekend to stock your fridge. We’ll be ready for you with lots of roasts and such to cook and share with the whole family, whether that’s for two people or twenty two. If you haven’t had it yet, I truly recommend the Boneless Beef Shank Roast stuffed with Bone Marrow and Rosemary. I braised one the other day with onion, garlic, carrot, celery and lots of red wine and beef stock. Four hours later, it was a roast for the gods. Let’s hope they're celebrating with their family as well.

Sunday, February 26 – OSCAR NIGHT

The lights are dimmed, the curtain comes up, and there’s Jimmy Kimmel! Anyone else remember when our former mayor sweated through an interview on his stage? Scary stuff kids. If you are like many people, the Oscars are a night when we can remember how few current movies we actually watch these days. With Netflix, Crackle, TMN, and all those other streaming services I’m surprised we find time at all to sit in a theater. Anyways, Oscar night is a great time to share cheese and charcuterie with friends while watching a bunch of rich people walk around with fake smiles plastered on their faces, all the time knowing that their diets don’t allow them the simple pleasure of what’s on your charcuterie board. And now with our line of cheeses we have everything you might ever need to feel smug about your eating abilities.