What’s It Like Being a Sanagan’s Chicken?

The vast majority of our chicken comes from very close by, King Capon Farms just outside of Newmarket. Since it’s just up the road we decided to pay the Myers family and their farm a visit. We’ve been selling their poultry since we opened, and wanted to tell everyone why we love them and their products.

Just Chillin'

Upon entering the chicken barns, there’s no denying that this is serious agriculture. When you buy our King Capon chicken you can rest assured that your bird didn’t live in a cage; had dirt on the floor; was allotted three times the required square footage per bird as mandated by industry standards; lived under a natural light cycle; got as much all-vegetarian fed and water as it wanted; and, based on appearances, lead an uneventful, low-stress life.

Well, there may be a few stressful moments right at the end, but way less than what most chickens experience because King Capon has their own processing plant immediately next door to the barns. That means no unpleasant caged truck rides to the slaughterhouse for these birds.

All of that goes a long way towards tasty chicken. Another major quality difference is that, post-slaughter, King Capon air-chill their poultry. A lot of commercial chicken is water or ice chilled which can increase a bird’s volume by as much as 10%. Water’s not a flavour we’re looking for in our meat.

So that’s the story of Sanagan’s King Capon Chicken. That’s why it tastes good and that’s why it feels good to sell it.

 Sanagan's Free Birds: Steve Ward, Claire Renouf, Brian Knapp, Graham Duncan