Here’s a step by step guide to successfully place an order:

1) Click the “Shop” button at the top of the screen.

2) Enter your postal code in the pop-up window (this helps us direct you to the appropriate store)

3) Click through to the “Full Store”

4) Click on the picture of the product you are interested in

5) Review the “How to Order” field, then enter the quantity of product you would like using the “Qty” button, then click “Add to Cart”

6) Continue shopping until you are ready to check out.

7) When ready, click “Checkout” on the pop-up tab on the right-hand side, OR…

8) If you don’t see the “Checkout” button, click the shopping cart icon at the top of the screen. Here you can review your order summary, then click “Proceed to Checkout”

9) You are now on the “Delivery” page. Enter in your delivery information here, including any special notes (side door delivery, etc.), and your mobile number (if you want order alerts sent through text messages), then click “Schedule Your Order”

10) You are now on the “Schedule” page. Click either “Local Delivery” or “Free Pickup”, then click on the desired time window (currently there is only the one window per day). Click “Continue to Payment”.

11) Enter your credit card details and billing address, then click “Place Order”.

12) That should do it!

Before contacting us, try clearing your cache and cookies in your browser. This may clear the issue. If this and none of the other trouble shooting works, please contact us!

On the “Schedule” page, make sure you have clicked on the time window. Currently there is only one window per day, but the site is programmed to be able to facilitate multiple windows. We ask that you click on the current (1pm – 5pm) to proceed to the next payment page.

Check that your postal code entered is the same one Google Maps has for your address. Many larger buildings have two different postal codes, and our courier uses the one on Google Maps.

No, you can order as much or as little as you want. The delivery fee is set by the third party courier company, and the price is reflective of the distance you are from our store. But there is no minimum order for that service.

You will receive your order within the delivery window you choose. The window is currently set at four hours, and we ask that someone be available during that window to receive and properly store your groceries.

You can choose free contactless pick up from either of our locations. When you arrive at the store on the chosen day, please call us at 416-593-9747 with your name and order number and a team member will bring your order out to you.

As a small shop, we are set up to operate safely with a three-day advance order window. As restrictions surrounding COVID-19 relax, we will consider same day and next day orders.

We have an estimated price on the website that factors in the average size and weight of our products and charge you accordingly. However, since meat weights may vary once processed, we won’t know the actual price until the order is assembled and processed, usually the morning of your delivery. At that point a revised total will be sent to you, and your credit card will be refunded the difference.

Once the order is processed we will send you an email with the total actual price of your order. You will receive that email either the day before or the morning of your scheduled delivery. You will also be sent a notice of refund that will be applied to your credit card to make up the difference.

The receipt you get will only show the estimated prices of each item. Each item is weighed and priced, and a price sticker is placed on each item so you can view the actual price when you receive the product. If you want a breakdown of the individual prices of your purchase, please email us and we are happy to do so!

Please write to us about any additional items in the “notes” section on the “delivery” page and we will contact you directly. We have a system in place that allows us to add items to your order that you don’t see on the site, assuming we have them in stock.

Since we won’t know the actual price until the order is assembled and the product weighed, this $30 hold accounts for any variances in weight. You will  be charged for the estimated price plus the refundable $30 upon placing the order, then you will be issued a refund for any variances in price once the order has been assembled and the actual total is known. Please note that it may take 5-10 business days for the refund to be reflected on your bank statement. 

For example:

You order a chicken for $14.99, and with the delivery and refundable credit card hold,  the total credit card charge comes to $54.99.

After assembling the order, the price of the chicken is actually $15.49.

We automatically refund you $29.50 and email you a revised total that shows the refund which you will also see on your credit card statement, so all you pay for is the actual price plus delivery.

We work with a third party courier service that bases their fees on distance from each store. This is a charge that we don’t have any influence over. We are always working to find the most cost-effective and high-quality shipment methods for our customers.

We package your orders in our shopping bags, and when necessary we will include an ice pack to keep your groceries cold. Once the ice has melted and the water removed from the bag, the ice pack is completely biodegradable and can be put into your organic waste bin.

Our courier currently delivers anywhere within the Greater Toronto Area and its surrounding areas.